Another Quarantine Diary | 06

October 12, 2020

Hello, everyone! How it's going?

Mine was, okay? I think. Maybe, a little bit disappointed with everything that happened lately in this country. You know, the rise in Covid-19 cases and well, I don't want to mention that. As the results of irresponsible, some states need to go another two weeks through another lockdown which affect so many people in general because the first one, we were provided with aids but now, with the moratorium ended and the categories of people receiving the aid gotten less, I don't really know what to say. My heart goes to those who are heavily affected by this sudden decision. I pray that there's always a way for each one of you.

A little update about me. So, last week I did a job. A photography job to be exact through my brother for his friend's wedding.

Crazy wasn't it?

You see, I'm not someone professional to begin with, but my brother really blindly put his trust on me for taking the candids which is still crazy. Yeah. It's quite and achievement for me. I'm just so proud of myself for three seconds. Now, that's my photography journey is already started. I want to continue learning and keep doing it and hopefully, create a proper portfolio for it. Hopefully, pray for me!

One of the RAW shots from the wedding. I don't have full permission to post picture that have their faces, so, I'm trying to avoid any consequences

Other than that, there's really nothing much but I would love to take my time to thanks those who had been visiting, leaving messages on my cbox, commenting and following my blogs. My blog wasn't special. It's a safe space for me to share things that I love to do. I'm honestly, a little bit disappointed with where this blog is going. I, personally think the path just wasn't right because I don't want it to be a place to share pointless, short paragraph when I'm in rage. So, yeah. 

Hopefully, throughout this quarantine, I'll be able to share a proper content, maybe? 

Anyway, that's all from me. I really hope that the pandemics would go away as soon as possible. Don't forget to social distancing, avoid crowded places and wear your mask. Take care of your mental health, it's important especially those who experienced another lockdown. Let's get through this together!

Love, Sabrina


Friend, no?

September 27, 2020

Ever seen the quarantine I've doing a lot of catching up with some of my friends, which is actually a very good things, right? However, I've this one friend that I'm not really fond of. She has a lot of traits, the good one, the bad one. She's pretty famous for this particular traits but I won't mention it because she could be one of those who'd be reading this. Well, every human are rounded with traits anyway but we've too much differences.

In a way, I disagree with her most of the times. 

So, I always asked myself like is it me the one that was problematic in this relationship because I'm like always disagree with her and I asked Ayah and my brother's opinion. I, somehow mengumpat  her with my family but the most important thing is both of them told me to not befriend this girl and I was like so I was in the right?

But, then I think about it again, it could be the way I told them the story and now I'm in a huge dilemma. Whether should I stay lowkey and away from this person because in a way she's actually a nice person but this one particular trait of her and lacks of common sense really get to me. I'm pretty sick and tired of it, honestly. Bloglist Segment

September 21, 2020

Deadline: 11.59 p.m. | 30 September 2020

Just blog walking around and stumble upon this segment. 

I shall take the chance y'all should too!

Just click on the link and y'all will be directed to the page with all the terms and conditions.

Good luck, everyone!


My Ultimate High School Breakfast: Egg Sandwich

September 21, 2020

 Hello, everyone! How it's going?

I'm doing alright. Things have been going so well just because my glasses is finally done and I finally can see like a normal person plus the results for last semester is already out. It went kind of downhill but at the same time, it's higher than I expected. You understand what I mean? Anyway, I'll try my best for my next semester which will start in roughly two weeks. Wish me the best!

Photo from Google

So, we're back with Sab's Cooking segment and today we're going for the egg sandwich.

Egg sandwich is like my culture, life food type of food.

Back then, when I was high school, I spent like RM10 a week which left me with RM2 per day. It was more than enough truthfully but it's Selangor what you expect. Still, there's always something that you can afford to buy in the canteen our outsides stalls and of them is egg sandwich. If the only money I had left is RM0.50, the only thing I could buy is egg sandwich. I don't remember if it's half per RM0.50 or full bread.

Anyway, a few days ago. There's bread that near the expiring date and I don't really eat bread. The reason there's bread in my house is because Ayah always make it his breakfast and Ayah is back at hometown so I need to do what I gotta do. 

Make sure that nothing goes to waste.


8 slice of bread (any bread is fine but I used the wholemeal one)
2 eggs
Black pepper
Margarine or butter
Lettuces (optional)
Tomatoes (optional)

How to cook

  1. Firstly, what you're going to do is hard-boiled the egg on high heat in a pot. Usually it took around 12 minutes but if you're unsure you can go like 14-15 minutes.
  2. After the egg is already boiled, take out the egg out of the pot and put it in cold water for a few minutes and the shells are ready to be peeled.
  3. Put the the already peeled egg in the bowl and put around 1 tbsp of mayonnaise together and some black pepper. It's now ready to be mashed and mixed (you can always decide on how many mayonnaise and black pepper you want depend on your taste).
  4. I don't really mashed to hard because I like it when there's a huge bits of eggs but this also up to you.
  5. When you're done with the mash and mix things, you're ready to put it between the breath. Make sure to put thin layer of margarine before put the eggs in.
  6. Then, you can put the tomatoes and lettuces and you're practically done!
  7. But I refused to be normal, I decided to grill the sandwich to gain some types of crisp. It taste amazing. Trust me. 
Easy, wasn't it?

This is the easiest things that I've done. I'm just doubting my whole life why I didn't do this sooner. By the way, someone I knew put cili padi in her sandwich so if you want to some spiciness and spike in your tongue, you can always try putting them in it. Though, I felt like a little bit odd but it's eatable because I've already try it. It's..okay.

Tiny updates on me though no one bother. My semester is starting soon and I'm trying my best to fix what did I lack in last semester and hopefully this one goes well. Hopefully.

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy this easy and small recipes from me. Also, I'm not someone who promotes but I need to do what I gotta do. 

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Thank you, once again!

Love, Sabrina.


The Not-so Quarantine Diary | 05

September 15, 2020

 Hello, everyone! How are you guys doing?

It's been a long time wasn't it? I genuinely thought I'm doing that well because of these past few days had been cold due to rain and barely any sun out there. There's always silver lining to everything, right?

One of the picture from #SkyForNamjoon

As you guys can see, I've done small updates to my blog since my previous theme was pretty messed up and now it's looking quite pretty! I also changed the name of my blog to reflection which is also one of RM's tracks from their official album. I choose this one out of everything because I personally thought that my blog is more about reflection than my inner, true-self. At least, that's what I thought and additional reason is my love for Kim Namjoon is unbearable. That's it.

I also add two new pages (just to see it look full). Both #SkyForNamjoon & Not-so Artsy Sab have their respective explanations so you guys can check out if you guys are interested.

Anyway, all about my daily life. There's nothing much going on but at the same time I've doing a lot of things too (What?). I've close my dropship account and managing my agent which is my friend's account instead so I've been getting more busy than ever. Since I designed most of the posts and stories by myself plus it's managing someone else accounts so I gotta be more responsible than ever.

What's more?

Today, I've genuinely loose it like I haven't read any hard copies and I've finally loose my mind and decide to find any books (minus my unis books, I won't read that again, obviously) and find this book called Wa Tak Faham on the tv shelf. From the cover of the book, it said it was translated version. The book is about a regular guy having a heap of properties before the age of 30 and it's more like a story than a motivation type of books to me. It was interesting to me like when I read it I felt like,"Wow I could be this guy".

However, for me, I would love to take things slow. It's fine to have house or cars or whatever properties later. You could be 50, 60 or 70 like for me it's better to be comfortable instead of raking my life for a properties. Of course, the economy and the price won't wait but to me it's fine. There's more thing to chase than all of these but this doesn't mean that who have properties in their youth any less for me. I think they're amazing and it would be a lie if there's no sense of jealousy in me.

Before this one end, I've been feeling a little more lonely today. I don't know why. Maybe because most of friends are hanging out which one of the reason I tried to avoid Instagram at its best but you know I'm human. Even though I tried not to look at their stories, it can't be help. Must be nice have friends nearby that you can hangout with. Great for them.

Additionally, I've been watching a lot of Kitchen Nightmares and Hell's Kitchen because I'm pathetic. I love seeing him curse. It's funny.

And that's all from me? I'm thinking about going out tomorrow and I don't know if I should feel excited about it because it's kind of too sudden. Anyway, have a nice (whatever time you're reading this) and check on yourself from time-to-time. Thank you!

Love, Sabrina.

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