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January 01, 2021

Been so inactive lately, wasn't it?

I've been busy with a lot of things and with week 14 approaching, there's a lot of assignments to be submit. I bet all of you understand. It's funny to me that I never learn. I knew the chaos amidst of not doing my assignment earlier will come to this but I still doing everything last minute. Perhaps, pressure is all I need.

Photo from Kate Hliznitsova from Unsplash

I hope everyone's doing well. I, actually thinking about not greeting at the beginning of my post anymore. Is it okay? I feel like whenever I tried to write something, the idea meet a bump when I greet. So, the content doesn't make any sense at all. 

For those days, I've been inactive, I tried a lot of things. Surprisingly, I tried to draw. Back then, I used to be disappointed when the result doesn't come out the way I wanted but I try to be easy to myself and let my first time be imperfect. I enjoy it a lot! I managed to draw three things. I discovered style that I want to approach and it makes so happy!

I also enter a cooking video competition. I just submit it just now. It's my first time editing for such things. I love editing but I've never got any chance to do it seriously. Even my assignment video was pretty much half-assed (I hope you don't mind me using such words hehe) because I just want to meet a bare minimum. Haven't heard anything from it but hopefully, we'll win!

On top of it all, I'm entering 21. The second phase of my 20s. That's crazy.

I feel like I've been the same since four years ago. Nothing's changing. A lot of people still consider me as childish. After a long thought, I think maturity doesn't really come with age. I have a lot more to learn.

My 2020 was filled with rollercoasters. Moving here and there, facing pandemics, separation that I wished for finally happening, starting my own small business. If it's anything, my 2020 is full of crazy things that I've never thought I'd try. I spent a lot of my times in 2020, finding who am I. What I really like and escaping toxic positivity. I learnt that resting wasn't necessarily I'm being lazy. I just really need it, my mental health is in need. I learnt how to be grateful but put boundaries when I feel like I'm being taking advantage of. Learning to have my own rights and privacy. Overall, 2020 is really that! Year!

Anyway, I hope this situation end soon. Although, on my previous post I've always emphasized that I wasn't necessarily affected. It's been taking toll on me. So, I hope this end soon and take care of yourself everyone. 

Love, Sabrina.


Reflection | 0

December 01, 2020

 Hello, how's everyone doing?

I'm doing just fine. Nothing abnormal happening. Just another pretty days I've gone through. As you see, I'm actually revert my previous post to draft back. The reason is because I felt like its too messy, eventhough I really like the pictures posted but the story that I really want to tell just wasn't there. So, I think it's the best to re-do it with better insight.

Photo from Red John from Unsplash

Anyway, if you read some of my post before, I did a series called Quarantine/Not-so-quarantine Diary and it's amazing! I received a lot of comments where people relate to it which is awesome for me. I love sharing my stories and hearing other people opinion about it. Hence, I decided to create another series called Reflection. 

When I decided to renamed this blog to Reflection. I was in rushed because I just need a quick name and this one popped out of my head because it's a song from someone that I genuinely love and it's cute and short. However, I realized that none of my diaries is about me reflecting on my actions or everything and I feel like it's some sorts misrepresentation. I know people said just write whatever because it's my blog but I feel like the name itself play a major role on what you're posting and everything.

The series is going to about me reflecting on my actions to others in my past life. I actually felt that it's going to be a little bit too personal but I'll try my best to like keep the story as generic as I can because we don't want those unnecessary excessive amount of sugar and spice in our tea. Most of it, will be about me, my point of view and how I see situations then and now.

Overall, the reason why I want to do this because the way I cope with my past mistakes is by telling it to other people. I'm a very open person, I would say. I could've known you for only two hours and tell you about half of my life story. Most of it was tragic because I made it that way.

Though, I don't really expect any anticipations, I really hope that the series doesn't annoyed anyone in any way. Just like I said, I'll make the story as generic as ever. On top of everything, I'm excited about and hope you enjoy it, later!

Thank you for reading! 

Love, Sabrina.


Realization finally hit me!

November 07, 2020

Hi, guys! How're you guys doing?

I'm doing great as per usual though, a little bit tired with a lot of assignments left hanging. I just realized I only post my entry when I'm doing great and it's okay.

Photo from George Potter from Unsplash
I'm into street photography, nowadays.

How do I start this?

It's nothing interesting but lately I've been feeling different?

I've started to be more accepting towards myself. I realized that I don't actually enjoy reading books like if you've read some of my Quarantine Diary series, I talked about reading books quite a lot but then it's just going nowhere. It's been five months and I'm really not going anywhere. Maybe because the books was uninteresting or I've been doing this reading activities all wrong because I only read books that other people hypes which turn out to be not fascinating at all or it's because it wasn't hard copy? Reading on phone doesn't give you the same experience, I believe. But truth to be told, I don't really know so I'm just gonna assumed for now that I didn't enjoy reading as much.

Other than that, there's a lot of things that I've been letting go, for now because I realized I'm human with limited capacity and keep going with things I can do. I started doing a lot of things like video editing, manipulations edit, outlines and all because I thought it was cool, you know but as times goes by I'm not going anywhere with it, no improvement, those friends I made during the time I was active doing BTS' edits became inactive which is pretty sad but you know life goes on. I, totally understand them.

As for now, I'm just trying to focus on what I can do, photography. I don't think I'll talk about it much because when I talk about it, I'll lose my patience. Another realization, bragging actually affect me? In a way, I keep wanting to show the best, the most perfect out of everything which ended up bring me nowhere so, I'll stay as lowkey as possible.

By the way, BTS is coming back in 13 days and Yoongi isn't going to participate which is a little bit sad but the most important thing is he's resting, healing and getting treatments. As long as he's healthy and happy, I'm happy! Oh and it's another week of CMCO until December. I think I've been taking care of myself a little bit well. I'm happy throughout the quarantine and that's the most important thing.

I guess that's all for this Maghrib. Yes, it's post-Maghrib, currently. Time move so fast, nowadays. Isyak at 8.09 p.m. and I was like "Woah, that's fast." haha. Anyway, don't forget to take care of yourself. At this point, I don't know what will happened with this CMCO continuation. I only pray the best for everyone. 

Have a nice night/day!

Love, Sabrina.


Life updates

November 02, 2020

 Hello, everyone! How it's going?

Just dropping since I've 15 minutes before my next class. Mine had been great since last weekend, though, there's a lot of days with less sleep but it's been great. Anyway, it's not something big but thank you for 20 followers! Thank you for dropping by, leaving comments about my photographs from my last post and any other posts, messages on my cbox. It's small things that makes me happy when people interact, actually. 

There's nothing much happening since my last post actually and I've been kind of enjoying my time on TikTok. This is funny, actually but yes. You see, I love editing videos even as simple as combining and put text or subtitles. YouTube is quite hard but still, I'm working on it. Out of all of this, I realized that I enjoy talking to camera without noticing or even record my face.

Quite a narcissist but it's fun things to do plus it's kind of improve my communications skills. It makes me less nervous and make a proper sentence when I was talking because I swear to god, the gap between me writing and speaking in English is so huge. The improvement wasn't big but I'm happy with it.

Other than that, there's nothing much which is why I'm making this just like another simple post instead of a quarantine diary.

On top of that, it's another weeks of CMCO which totally expected because of the higher rate of cases and I'm totally stunned when we reach four numbers cases because it's started get to me that this pandemics wasn't like the last time and this place I live in is currently an active zone so, I need to be more, more careful.

Anyway, I think I'm gonna end this post here. I hope you take care of yourself and others around you. Go out when it's only needed, wear your mask, keep social distancing and most importantly, yes, I'm going to repeat myself again. Take care of yourself. Always check on yourself.

Love, Sab


Another Quarantine Diary | 06

October 12, 2020

Hello, everyone! How it's going?

Mine was, okay? I think. Maybe, a little bit disappointed with everything that happened lately in this country. You know, the rise in Covid-19 cases and well, I don't want to mention that. As the results of irresponsible, some states need to go another two weeks through another lockdown which affect so many people in general because the first one, we were provided with aids but now, with the moratorium ended and the categories of people receiving the aid gotten less, I don't really know what to say. My heart goes to those who are heavily affected by this sudden decision. I pray that there's always a way for each one of you.

A little update about me. So, last week I did a job. A photography job to be exact through my brother for his friend's wedding.

Crazy wasn't it?

You see, I'm not someone professional to begin with, but my brother really blindly put his trust on me for taking the candids which is still crazy. Yeah. It's quite and achievement for me. I'm just so proud of myself for three seconds. Now, that's my photography journey is already started. I want to continue learning and keep doing it and hopefully, create a proper portfolio for it. Hopefully, pray for me!

One of the RAW shots from the wedding. I don't have full permission to post picture that have their faces, so, I'm trying to avoid any consequences

Other than that, there's really nothing much but I would love to take my time to thanks those who had been visiting, leaving messages on my cbox, commenting and following my blogs. My blog wasn't special. It's a safe space for me to share things that I love to do. I'm honestly, a little bit disappointed with where this blog is going. I, personally think the path just wasn't right because I don't want it to be a place to share pointless, short paragraph when I'm in rage. So, yeah. 

Hopefully, throughout this quarantine, I'll be able to share a proper content, maybe? 

Anyway, that's all from me. I really hope that the pandemics would go away as soon as possible. Don't forget to social distancing, avoid crowded places and wear your mask. Take care of your mental health, it's important especially those who experienced another lockdown. Let's get through this together!

Love, Sabrina

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