Insecurities that keep eating me alive

June 16, 2021

You know, when people keep trying to warn people don't get into three group friendship because you'll be left out, I want to prove them wrong because I've been into it and during those times, I never felt left out but as time passed by, I keep questioning myself, does it really never made me feel left out?

Truth to be told, I feel like three group friends is a competition satisfying this one friend in the group and I feel like I'm loosing each one of it. For what reason? I don't know, but I feel like maybe because I was naturally, annoying or I was seen too competitive and it's getting annoying to people? Maybe.

Honestly, I feel it, like I feel that I wasn't a very nice friend to begin with and it's natural for this one person that I'm trying to be good with to discuss things with the other person. I remember crying my heart out because of things like this, I'm so used to it.

But then, there's no one to blame.

Only me and myself.

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