New semester D-1

March 29, 2021

Today, it rains a lot in the morning. I went out to post some items that someone bought from my Carousell. Since I don't have a lot of cash and Grabpay  minimum requirement for reload is RM50, I walk from apartment to Giant. Although it sucks that the elevator broke but I cashed out RM50 and the came out as five times of RM10. The story is nonsense but I feel unlucky but at the same time it makes me feel lucky, literally equal level of lucks. 

My class ended an hour early because you know what lecturers will enlighten in first day. Things like the lesson plan, assignments and textbooks. All the essentials. My class is super packed on Monday. Although we barely did nothing, I already feels exhausted.

I've already got some warnings from lecturers saying this semester will a be a jar of tough cookies. There's also some of my lecturers were those from previous semester (I kind of mindlessly cook during one of their class) which for me a little bit relief since I already knew their gerak kerja. There's also new lecturers, my first class, the lecturer was super sporting, he looks like he like to joke and talk alot. I'm prepared for many story from him. Second lecturer, also super chill one. Third one, also super chill one, at least that's what I thought since we don't technically meet her yet. Lastly, one of my lecturers from my semester.

So far, it's been nice. I guess I can't say much about first week since we barely study but I've got a good feelings about so I guess, it's fine.

I'm thinking about how I will survived this Ramadhan considering I'm alone most of the times and I need to cook. My class ended at 6 which leave me only an hour or so before iftar. I'm considering about cooking early since I don't have that many choices, though.

I don't know when will I come back but the past few days I've spent writing here has been fun. Thank you for reading!

Let's meet again soon!

Love, Sabrina.

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