It's been a long time, wasn't it?

February 16, 2021

I hope everyone is doing well!

Photo from Sole D'Alessandro G. from Unsplash

It's been a long time since I write something on this page. I've a lot of story to tell but firstly, I just want to say that my semester ended last week and I've just turned 21 last January 28. I'm already 21? I just think that it's crazy because my birthday never be major event throughout my entire lifetime. Now, that I'm free from school works and everything, I keep thinking about how I've already grow up. Basically, it gave me times to reflect. 

Personally for me, maturity doesn't come together with age.

From my teenage years until now, I never felt any major changes until last January 28. Maybe because I keep thinking about it, "I'm 21, what now?". I think aging is a scary phase, hundred percent wouldn't recommend.

I've been doing nothing and I read a lot of articles these days. Maybe I would share the interesting one, later. Right now, most of them just a bunch of silly curiosities of mine. It's quite embarassing to share about.

Last month, I've decided to deactivated my major social media account like Instagram and Twitter. I've been doing that several times actually and what could I say about it is this is my longest streak, I've been living for almost a month without Instagram. I still used Twitter, though, for news and advices. People from Twitter like Maisarah Mahmud and Mufti Menk are few examples who I genuinely look up to. There's also Iman Abdul Rahim that constantly recommend skincares, house appliances and gadgets. I love reading thread from all of these people. 

I feel like famous people on Twitter used their platforms better than those in Instagram. I might be biased because I rarely used Instagram but well my judgement is from what I experienced. 

Overall, there's nothing much going on with my life. I feel like my life had been less interesting these days. For me, it's okay. As long as I can reach happiness like this, it's okay.

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