Hello 2021!

January 01, 2021

Been so inactive lately, wasn't it?

I've been busy with a lot of things and with week 14 approaching, there's a lot of assignments to be submit. I bet all of you understand. It's funny to me that I never learn. I knew the chaos amidst of not doing my assignment earlier will come to this but I still doing everything last minute. Perhaps, pressure is all I need.

Photo from Kate Hliznitsova from Unsplash

I hope everyone's doing well. I, actually thinking about not greeting at the beginning of my post anymore. Is it okay? I feel like whenever I tried to write something, the idea meet a bump when I greet. So, the content doesn't make any sense at all. 

For those days, I've been inactive, I tried a lot of things. Surprisingly, I tried to draw. Back then, I used to be disappointed when the result doesn't come out the way I wanted but I try to be easy to myself and let my first time be imperfect. I enjoy it a lot! I managed to draw three things. I discovered style that I want to approach and it makes so happy!

I also enter a cooking video competition. I just submit it just now. It's my first time editing for such things. I love editing but I've never got any chance to do it seriously. Even my assignment video was pretty much half-assed (I hope you don't mind me using such words hehe) because I just want to meet a bare minimum. Haven't heard anything from it but hopefully, we'll win!

On top of it all, I'm entering 21. The second phase of my 20s. That's crazy.

I feel like I've been the same since four years ago. Nothing's changing. A lot of people still consider me as childish. After a long thought, I think maturity doesn't really come with age. I have a lot more to learn.

My 2020 was filled with rollercoasters. Moving here and there, facing pandemics, separation that I wished for finally happening, starting my own small business. If it's anything, my 2020 is full of crazy things that I've never thought I'd try. I spent a lot of my times in 2020, finding who am I. What I really like and escaping toxic positivity. I learnt that resting wasn't necessarily I'm being lazy. I just really need it, my mental health is in need. I learnt how to be grateful but put boundaries when I feel like I'm being taking advantage of. Learning to have my own rights and privacy. Overall, 2020 is really that! Year!

Anyway, I hope this situation end soon. Although, on my previous post I've always emphasized that I wasn't necessarily affected. It's been taking toll on me. So, I hope this end soon and take care of yourself everyone. 

Love, Sabrina.

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