Realization finally hit me!

November 07, 2020

Hi, guys! How're you guys doing?

I'm doing great as per usual though, a little bit tired with a lot of assignments left hanging. I just realized I only post my entry when I'm doing great and it's okay.

Photo from George Potter from Unsplash
I'm into street photography, nowadays.

How do I start this?

It's nothing interesting but lately I've been feeling different?

I've started to be more accepting towards myself. I realized that I don't actually enjoy reading books like if you've read some of my Quarantine Diary series, I talked about reading books quite a lot but then it's just going nowhere. It's been five months and I'm really not going anywhere. Maybe because the books was uninteresting or I've been doing this reading activities all wrong because I only read books that other people hypes which turn out to be not fascinating at all or it's because it wasn't hard copy? Reading on phone doesn't give you the same experience, I believe. But truth to be told, I don't really know so I'm just gonna assumed for now that I didn't enjoy reading as much.

Other than that, there's a lot of things that I've been letting go, for now because I realized I'm human with limited capacity and keep going with things I can do. I started doing a lot of things like video editing, manipulations edit, outlines and all because I thought it was cool, you know but as times goes by I'm not going anywhere with it, no improvement, those friends I made during the time I was active doing BTS' edits became inactive which is pretty sad but you know life goes on. I, totally understand them.

As for now, I'm just trying to focus on what I can do, photography. I don't think I'll talk about it much because when I talk about it, I'll lose my patience. Another realization, bragging actually affect me? In a way, I keep wanting to show the best, the most perfect out of everything which ended up bring me nowhere so, I'll stay as lowkey as possible.

By the way, BTS is coming back in 13 days and Yoongi isn't going to participate which is a little bit sad but the most important thing is he's resting, healing and getting treatments. As long as he's healthy and happy, I'm happy! Oh and it's another week of CMCO until December. I think I've been taking care of myself a little bit well. I'm happy throughout the quarantine and that's the most important thing.

I guess that's all for this Maghrib. Yes, it's post-Maghrib, currently. Time move so fast, nowadays. Isyak at 8.09 p.m. and I was like "Woah, that's fast." haha. Anyway, don't forget to take care of yourself. At this point, I don't know what will happened with this CMCO continuation. I only pray the best for everyone. 

Have a nice night/day!

Love, Sabrina.

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  1. i feel you about reading. i used to love reading. now i can't even finish a book.. it's saddening though.

    erin |

    1. I know. I feel sad too but hopefully, maybe somewhere in the future, we'll able to enjoy reading again. Hopefully :))



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